As a “Seal of Excellence” holder, we’re delighted to be given the access to the platform where various public and private investment institutions meet

Sofia, BG/ Bruxelles, Belgium: Today, a little over a month ago when we won our second recognition award – the “Seal of Excellence” certificate – we are thrilled to inform that we continue to gain further appreciation and acknowledgment of our achievements by getting invited to join the “Access4SMEs – Seal of Excellence” online community.

The initiative has been recently launched on the platform and it aims to gather high potential companies awarded with the “Seal of Excellence” across Europe and, furthermore, it allows companies to find capital and European investors.

The “Access4SMEs” platform not only maximizes the opportunities to raise private equity investment but it gives awarded startups access to the free platform where they are able to:

1) Pitch to investors in privately-held offline and online pitch sessions;

2) Register to matchmaking events with investors across all Europe;

3) Participate in thematic business webinars;

4) Find business opportunities with European partners;

5) Boos the company’s reputation and increase its visibility towards European business angels networks, VCs, and corporate investors.

“As we get closer to introducing our first product offering to the market, we are delighted that we not only gain the attention of early supporters but also attract the interest of private angel and VC investors who have been actively approaching us from quite some time now. We believe that by becoming a member of the “Access4SMEs” private community, we will be exposed to further investment opportunities”, says the company’s management team.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is a Bulgarian-Danish future-tech startup that creates and patents commercial wearable technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About the “Seal of Excellence” award: the Seal of Excellence is the high-quality label awarded to projects submitted to Horizon2020 which succeeded a highly competitive evaluation process by independent experts, but did not receive funding due to budget limits. This quality label is a guarantee for investors to find high standard project proposals from European SMEs with growth potential. The Seal of Excellence demonstrates the high quality and business potential of SME’s project.

About the “Access4SMEs – Seal of Excellence” Community”: the “Access4SMEs – Seal of Excellence” community aims at gathering high potential European companies that received from the European Commission a “Seal of Excellence” certificate and European equity investors. This support action is implemented by Bpifrance and other National Contact Points under the “Access4SMEs” project, a support action directed in the domains of access to risk finance and fostering the use of financial instruments.


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