In order to advance the field of Artificial Intelligence in a meaningful way, after a critical review, Berger Neurorobotics has been determined to be a great fit for the program.

Odense, Denmark: Today, Berger Neurorobotics - a high-tech startup based in Denmark - has been accepted in the revolutionary virtual-based accelerator program offered by the technology giant NVIDIA.

As an accepted member, Berger Neurorobotics will receive the following benefits:

1) Access to a global ecosystem of professionals - a massive network of deep learning experts and thought leaders.

2) GPU hardware exceptional discounts  - in order to try out the latest software, and get an early access to state-of-the-art technology.

3) Access to NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) - perks like credits and exclusive courses are also available to Inception members.

4) Marketing support and PR - gain media coverage, extra blog posts publishing, podcasts participation, event support, and a variety of other opportunities.

5) GPU Ventures Introduction - Inception members are automatically submitted for an investment consideration through the GPU Ventures program.

The company’s CEO Stoyan Stoyanov says: “Getting accepted into the program is one of our greatest achievements and we are honored to have the chance to push forward machine learning technologies in partnership with NVIDIA Inception. We believe that being part of this program will definitely contribute a lot towards our short-term goals of realizing our prototype and raising our seed round of investment.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is a high-tech Danish startup for personal health and welfare. The company creates wearable devices and machine learning technologies that understand physiological signals and help people improve their wellness.

About NVIDIA Inception Program: NVIDIA Inception Program nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.


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