Since 2015, we’ve been developing state-of-the-art neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence. Today, we reach a critical product developing milestone by officially announcing our first commercial product prototype release

Sofia, BG/Copenhagen, DK/Stockholm, SE: Today, Berger Neurorobotics, a future-tech startup venture that develops a next-level technology for physiological signals detection, is extremely honored to announce that the company had reached a crucial achievement in terms of its first product development.

It has been more than 27 months since we started developing Claire Cognition, our first product.

Claire Cognition is a new generation of an AI-powered wearable. In contrast to ordinary wearables, Claire Cognition measures heart rate, skin response, and brain data simultaneously. This makes the stress measurements extremely reliable and also allows the real-time detection of other cognitive and emotional states like workload, fatigue, and concentration which have important effects on stress and wellbeing in general.

I. What did we manage to achieve:

1) We’ve tested our technology in a laboratory environment and the results show that the signals we acquire have medical-grade quality.

2) We’ve completed the industrial design of our wearable headset. Runius Design, a Swedish boutique product design studio has provided us with their professionalism and aesthetic point of view on the matter and thus, we managed to design a product that employs an astonishing form and robust functionality.

3) Commercial prototype release: we’ve successfully built our innovative headset and we’re able to measure, transmit and process medical-grade physiological signals in real-time.  We’re proud that we’re on the way towards commercializing a next-generation BCI product aimed at end consumers, developers, and corporate clients.

II. What are we working in at the moment:

1) Initial prototype manufacturing: along with our partners from Robotdalen, we’re manufacturing an initial batch of our headset. The first headsets are currently being tested and although they won’t be for sale,  we’ll be able to start customer testing procedures, participate in events, and showcase our technological invention.

2) Onboarding our first corporate client: we managed to close our first humble but very important deal with a client. As commonly known, big things have small beginnings, and we’re extremely happy that this customer trusted in our expertise and got us to work with them.

3) Raising pre-seed round of investment: So far we’ve received funding from several public grants. However, we always strive for rapid development cycles and our goal is the actual market commercialization of our product. As a result, what naturally comes next, is raising our pre-seed round of funding. At the moment, we’re negotiating with several private angel investors and VCs and so far, there is a huge interest in our product.

III. What comes next:

1) Patent issuance: oh, have we checked about the patentability of our technology! Yes, after obtaining a few trademarks, a patent is on the way.

2) A crowdfunding campaign: to commercialize our product and deliver it to as many end users and early adopters as possible.

3) Less stressed and burned out, and more happy and healthy people (!).

A lot more is coming, so follow our blog or, in case you have additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is a high-tech Bulgarian-Danish startup for personal health and welfare. The company creates wearable devices and machine learning technologies that understand physiological signals and help people improve their wellness.

About Robotdalen: By bringing together the industry, academia, and public sector, Robotdalen enables commercial success of new robot solutions for industry, service, and healthcare. By offering unique test beds for new solutions, Robotdalen also encourages international companies and entrepreneurs to develop their robot innovations and set up business in Sweden.

About Runius Design: Runius Design is a Swedish company where industrial design, technology, and a splash of ingenuity meet. The company provides carefully engineered solutions for healthcare, MedTech, clean-energy sector, industry, and high-risk facilities.



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