In less than two months after we built our first commercial product prototype, we’re honored to announce that we achieved another product development milestone by producing a small batch of prototypes

Sofia, BG/Copenhagen, DK: Today,  nearly two months after we managed to build our first product prototype, we’re extremely happy to inform our fanbase that we’ve managed to produce our first humble but very significant to us and our partners, batch of our commercial product prototypes.

The entire hardware device including sensors, PCBs, and the initial functioning concept were developed internally by Berger Neurorobotics.
Furthermore, after countless design and debugging sessions, we’re now happy to finish our 5th iteration of the electronics components which is also ready to be mass manufactured.

As we mentioned in another blog post, the industrial design was first introduced and then developed by our strategic partner in Sweden Runius Design, which managed to achieve a great level of design innovation, functionality and comfort. Although it took us 10 months of constant communication and re-engineering, the whole R&D process that we encountered along with our end users was finished successfully by achieving the required end goal - realizing a high-quality product prototype that is ready to be demonstrated in a real operating environment.

At this early stage, we decided to produce 5 high-quality product prototypes, which will help us make final touch-ups based on customer feedback before preparing for large-scale manufacturing.

Finally, since we are currently working on raising a pre-seed round of investment,  we believe that by achieving this product development milestone, our value as a high-tech hardware startup and our investment-ready potential drastically increases.


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