After being actively involved in this initiative for the past 10 weeks, the 2018 edition of the YC MOOC has come to an end


Sofia, BG/Copenhagen, DK: Today, Berger Neurorobotics officially graduates the Startup School program organized and delivered by Y Combinator.

The program had a duration of 10 weeks during which more than 15,000 startup founders took apart of the forum discussion, “Ask-Me-Anything” (AMA) threads, Group Office Hours (GOH) meetings, etc.

During the program, we learned the core principles, terms, definitions, practices, strategies, and advice on how to make something people want.

Because we were (and still are) extremely motivated to learn from the best advisors and startup founders, we decided to start our own initiative entitled “The Startup School Diary“. because we were highly engaged with the learning materials and the entire SUS community, we decided to post a total of 5 learning sessions, each containing a short summary of the bi-weekly study materials that we were provided.

We organized the learning sessions as follows:

1) The Beginning of a New Educational Journey + Learning Session #1: On Learning About How to Start a Startup and Find a Product-Market Fit;

2) Learning Session #2: How to Acquire Your First Users and Grow? How to Start Building and Prototyping Your Product? Let’s Find out!;

3) Learning Session #3: Tactics on How to Successfully Apply to YC and Build a Sales and Engineering Teams in Your Organization;

4) Learning Session #4: Understanding Fundraising Fundamentals for Startups;

5) The End of the YC’s Startup School + Learning Session #5: Post-Product-Market Fit Phase: What Comes Next

We’re happy that we had the chance to learn from the best, be mentored by a great professional expert, and, what’s most importantly, been given the chance to connect with a great community of people.

Here is the official link of our company’s YC SUS graduate profile that certifies we’re official alumni of the program.

We strongly recommend every entry-level entrepreneur to enroll in the future program edition. It’s worth it the time and the efforts for sure!

Please note that Berger Neurorobotics has no affiliation whatsoever with Y Combinator and its original program.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is Bulgarian-Danish future-tech startup that creates and patents commercial wearable technologies that are utilizing physiological data and are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About Y Combinator: Y Combinator is an American seed accelerator that has spawned a number of highly successful companies and is consistently ranked at the top U.S. accelerators. Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups and gets them to the point where they build something impressive enough to raise money on a larget scale.

About the Startup School: the Startup School is a 10-week online course designed for any startup founder who would like to get help through the earliest, most difficult challenges of starting a company.

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